Fertilizing & Weed Control

Our Four-Step Weed & Feed Program: Offered in Spray or Granular Form

Step 1- Spring

In Spring we apply a pre-emergent (prevents seeds from germinating) and fertilizer to control crabgrass and feed the lawn to get it started.

Step 2 – Early Summer

Early summer we apply weed control to kill the existing weeds and feed the turf.

Step 3 – Mid/Late Summer

We apply a slow-release fertilizer with weed control to continuously feed your lawn throughout the hot periods of our summer.

Step 4- Fall to Early Winter

We apply a late fall fertilizer to provide the lawn with nutrients to service our South Dakota winter and prepare for the spring. This will strengthen roots and increase nitrogen storage for an early spring green up and a healthier lawn for next year.

Weed Control / Soil Sterilization:

Three to four applications per season are recommended. In early spring we spray a pre-emergence herbicide that will affect germinating seeds. Pre-emergence herbicides are most effective against annual weeds.
During summer and fall we use a post-emergence herbicide to kill weeds after the weed plants are up and growing. Post-emergence herbicides are most effectively applied when weeds are young and growing vigorously. To maintain mild to no weed growth 3 to 4 applications are recommended each season.

Weed Control Spraying – For Non-lawn Surfaces
A broad-spectrum systemic herbicide is used to kill these weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds, creeping Jenny and grasses on hard surfaces such as rock beds, sidewalks, driveways patios etc. It prevents the plants from making certain proteins that are needed for plant growth. Three to four applications per season are recommended to maintain and control annual weeds that can multiply rapidly and become invasive. Although spraying for these weeds will kill what has already grown, it is not a preventative to completely eliminate weed growth in the specific areas, it does help control and eliminate germinated seeds that have not sprouted yet.

Noxious Weeds & Thistle Mullein:

Noxious weeds and vegetation of any type are strictly prohibited and must be removed from the property at the responsibility of the landowner in the state of South Dakota. See more at www.cityofspearfish.com (Grass & Weeds).
A noxious, harmful or injurious weed is a weed that has been designated by an agricultural authority as one that is injurious to agricultural or horticultural crops, natural habitats or ecosystems, and humans or livestock. It is known resist chemical controls, clog waterways and ponds, displace native plants, and alter soil composition.

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